Affordable Website Maintenance & Revision
Getting Started...

Before beginning a web maintenance/updating project, you should carefully consider exactly what you want to accomplish. Are your prices out of date? Does your resumé need to be updated? Are you displaying old photos that are no longer relevant? Do you need a link to your Facebook page added to your site? Has your contact info changed?

Those are just a few examples of what people request, so carefully go page-by-page through your own site, to make a list of the changes, then prioritize that list so the most important updates are completed within your budget.

Next you will need to gather some crucial pieces of information which a webmaster must have prior to updating anything at all on your website:

   [1] The name of your hosting service;
   [2] Your username for that service;
   [3] Your password for that service.

This information should have been provided to you when you started with your host, however if you can no longer find it, then you can ask your original webmaster to send it to you, as it is absolutely necessary inorder to make modifications to your website.

Note that we have also had a great deal of experience working with Weebly and with Wix, so if you are using those online services, we can "hit the ground running".

The worst case scenario is where you do not have the access info and your former webmaster is unresponsive, so you are essentially blocked from adding any changes to the existing site. In such a situation, contact us and we'll suggest an approach that should get you past that roadblock. One way or another, we'll get you onto the WWW with your website looking the way you want.

We can get started shortly after we discuss what you wish to accomplish, so as soon as you are ready, get in touch with us, then we'll begin...

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