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If you do not currently have any presence on the WWW, then we can build you an affordable site that is attractive & quick loading, and will not require high annual fees to remain online.

Before we can construct a website for you, you'll need to gather together materials at your end, because no one knows more about your business or organization than you. Websites are made up of photos, graphics and text, so here is what you'll need to get started:

    ~ Create a folder on your harddrive called "Website graphics" and put into that folder copies of any photos or graphics that you want included on the site;

    ~ You need to compose at least one, and possibly multiple, concise text documents in which you tell your visitors about your products or services, plus you should tell them something about yourself (or your business). This will make up much of the text content we will include on your pages. You don't need to say any more than necessary, but to establish credibility it's important to provide enough information to create a sense of trust. Examples would include company history; your educational achievements; awards you've received, etc.

    ~ If you do not yet have a domain name, then write down some possibilities. You'll want to consider several choices because the first one you want may already be taken. We can register the domain for you (in your own name), but you need to indicate your preferences. We can also suggest some very affordable website hosting services which should not run you more than about $60 per year.

    ~ Finally, if you have any paper brochures or promotional materials that are still relevant, gather them together for reference.

That's it ~ once you have much or most of the above, then we can use your content to create a site that will provide an online complement to your realworld business. This initial process will also help you clarify in your own mind what you want, which will allow us to provide a cost estimate when we hear from you.

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We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your website plans...

~ Steve Reynolds and Ann Contois
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